Kinh nghiệm: 20 Critical Thinking Essay Topics

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    20 critical thinking essay topics


    If you had the opportunity to eliminate either crime or pollution, which would you choose and why?


    Imagine that you became invisible for a day. Describe that day. Do you think it would be fun or would you cause more problems? Explain.


    Imagine that you PayForEssay won a shopping spree (a brief moment when you can take everything for free) for 5 minutes at any store of your choice and you can take whatever you want. Which store would you choose and what would be your shopping strategy?


    Which do you think is more important: freedom of speech, the right to a fair trial, or the right to privacy? Explain.


    If you were lucky enough to travel with any researcher in the world, who would it be and why?


    Do you think scientists should test drugs on animals to fight human diseases such as cancer?


    Write down why keeping promises is important.


    At the request of the post office, you get to choose a hero for a new stamp. Who would it be and why?


    Do you believe that people are more naturally good or bad? Explain.


    What reward (real or made-up) would you most like to receive in life?


    Describe the pros and cons of having your best friend live in the same apartment as you.


    What is the difference between courage and fear for you?


    The old saying goes that money is the root of evil. Do you agree? Explain. What else could be the root of evil?


    You found a crystal ball that shows your future. What did you see there?


    Think of a new Olympic sport in which you would win a medal. What kind of sport would that be?


    You are faced with a choice: lose all your old memories or not be able to make new ones. Which would you choose and why?


    If you were to teach a class, what would the class be about?


    If you had a friend who buy a dissertation spoke to you in the same language you speak to yourself, how long would you be friends with him or her?


    If you had the opportunity to introduce some advice into your infant mind, what kind of advice would it be?


    What inner prisons have you already built from your fears?

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