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    A Balloon on the Tall
    Today is New Year’s Day. In the morning, Kerry, a little mouse and her mother are going to grandmother’s. She is very happy because she is wearing nice clothes.

    “Good morning, Kerry,” a little rabbit sees them,
    “You look pretty today.” “Thank you.”
    “But, look at your beautiful tail.” says the rabbit,
    ‘’It is touching the ground.” “Oh, my god.” says Kerry and she carries her long tail with hands.
    Then there comes a dog with a big balloon.
    “You can’t tail, Kerry?” asks the dog.
    “Because it touches the ground. It will be dirty.” “Oh, don’t worry. I can help you.”
    Then the dog ties a big balloon on Kerry’s tail.
    “That’s OK.” says the dog, “Your tail won’t touch the ground again.”

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