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    As a raw material for manufacturing so many products of both spiritual and material value, Vietnamese Agarwood has long become an indispensable cultural beauty in culture. From royal emperors to popular houses, they are used as a kind of aroma to bring happiness and peace to the homeowners. Agarwood is so useful, but few know that in order to have a unique position as today, they have experienced many ups and downs in the past.

    Beauty in history
    From past to present, Agarwood has been a precious product evaluated as a rare and valuable product tribute to the North. From China, along the Silk Road, Tram Huong has become a trade in goods to India, Mongolia, Egypt, … This wood on Vietnamese soil is always appreciated in the world.

    History has ited that from the time of An Duong Vuong, This wood has been a favorite of the king. In the Shu Dynasty, Agarwood was used to create valuable medicine to help treat digestive, physiological and cardiovascular diseases that only royal family members could use. In the 10th century, King Dinh Tien Hoang sent people to store dragon cells in wooden baskets with delicate sculptures with the desire that the long cells are marinated with the scent of agarwood.

    Spiritual beauty of Vietnamese agarwood
    In the spiritual life of Vietnamese people from past to present, the wood smoke is always worshiped in a noble position subconsciously. Because in the opinion of many people, especially for Buddhists, the faint smoke soars into the sky like a link between humans and the Buddha realm, between the real world and the celestial realm above. , where people send their wishes for protection and protection.

    Therefore, agarwood becomes a tree of great spiritual nature, which the Buddha once said in the scripture of incense is the smell of heaven and the stately, pure Buddha realms.

    The value of Vietnamese agarwood
    This is the wood that gives the quiet scent as the name it has been given. Legend has it that since ancient times, this wood was only found in natural forests, poisonous water, in places where agarwood has spent many years absorbing the essence of heaven and earth. This is wood brings with me a scent of sweetness, warmth, elegance, a deep and spicy taste. The warm fragrance that spreads will bring a sense of lightness, comfort to help dispel all sorrows in life, relieve stress pressure.

    To form agarwood is a painful process – Normal Wind Stems will have a white core, during a tree damaged by ants – weather – break down and produce wounds, trees secrete sap to These long-term healing wounds will darken and create deep.

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