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    Bài mẫu & Từ vựng IELTS Writing Task 2
    Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion.

    Essay Type
    Discussion Essay

    Sentence 1: Nowadays, most people think that having a good bank balance and less free time is one of the best ways to spend life. At the same time, others believe that earning enough money and investing more time for life is yet another way of living life.

    Sentence 2: However, both of these views have their own positive and negative aspects. In my opinion, spending quality time with sufficient money is better to find satisfaction in life.

    Paragraph 1: Money as cash or a property has a major impact on an individual’s life. With the help of money, people get the privilege of living an opulent lifestyle.

    Paragraph 2: it’s possible that people might lose money and get it back, but it’s impossible to get back the lost time. Thus, time is more precious than money.

    Restate your views

    Sample Answer
    In today’s fast-paced world, everyone has different perspectives towards money and time. Some people believe that having a good bank balance and fewer leisure hours is better for leading life. At the same time, others adhere to radically opposite views. Both these views have positive and negative aspects, and I believe that an individual should not compromise with the quality of life for money.

    It is believed that money in cash or property has a significant impact on one’s life. This is because it lets an individual buy anything and everything followed by fulfilling all the basic financial obligations and giving one the privilege of living a luxurious life. As a result, it is possible to lead a stress-free life with a great bank balance. Without money, an individual will not be able to live either a luxurious or comfortable life. Therefore, individuals work day and night to produce more money, and compromise with leisure hours.

    On the contrary, some people opine that spending long hours at work and not prioritizing time to enjoy life is not the correct outlook towards life. They consider time to be the most precious resource and value it more than money as it will more likely provide them with a stress-free and productive life. They believe that one can use the time to make money but can’t use the same money to purchase more time, which is indeed true. Furthermore, it is possible to lose all the money and get it back again, but it is impossible to retrieve the lost time and spend it with loved ones. As a result, they advocate the school of thought that earning less and prioritizing more time can be the best way to live a healthier life.

    To conclude, although it’s difficult, people should strive to strike a balance by prioritizing their time and money equally because wealth alone cannot buy happiness and healthy relations. According to me, people who earn sufficient money and socialize with people live a happier life than those who earn higher incomes.

    • Perspective
    Meaning: Viễn cảnh.
    Eg: Michael’s perspective towards winning the competition was different from others.

    • Prioritize
    Meaning: Ưu tiên.
    Eg: John prioritizes his work over family.

    • Privilege
    Meaning: Đặc quyền.
    Eg: Rose belongs to a privileged family.

    • Productive
    Meaning: Năng suất
    Eg: John had a productive day at work.

    • Socialize
    Meaning: Giao lưu

    Eg: Rosie likes socializing with high-profile people.

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