Toàn quốc: Can I Use Castor Oil For Hair Growth?

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    Oil extract of castor oil is obtained from the fruits of common castor oil. For this purpose, the method of cold pressing or thermal extraction is used. The most valuable product is considered to be the first method, because it allows you to preserve the natural structure of castor oil and the maximum number of useful substances.

    Castor oil consists of a mixture of glycerides of linoleic, ricinoleic and oleic acids. It is a light yellow, soft liquid with a slightly vegetal scent. Valuable in cosmetology is considered the property of castor oil not to form a film on the surface of the skin or strands, and completely absorbed into the layers of the epidermis. This allows you to avoid oily shine of the skin and heavy sebaceous curls after applying products with castor oil. Check this link right here now

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