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    Can Tho International Airport lies along Hau Giang river. The east end of the airport is 700m away from Hau Giang river; the North end is 500m from Tra Noc irrigation canal while the West is adjacent with Ba Ly irrigation canal. Can Tho International Airport has very important position in the economic, cultural, social, security and defense for the Can Tho city and the region, promoting the development of the provinces in Mekong Delta. Can Tho City is the center of economic, cultural, social, tourism and services of the Mekong Delta, and the gateway to the whole region. It is also the big service center having a fast developing pace and the bridge for the region’s regional and international economic integration. The city has been both important for socio-economic as well as national defense and security “Building up Cần Thơ” to be one of the national large cities and a major socio-economic center of Mekong Delta region; an industrial, commercial services center; an important transport hub for domestic and foreign goods; one of the culture, education- training, tourism, science- technology centers in the Mekong Delta areas.


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