Cement Mixer Factory

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    鈽匫ur History
    Established in 1987, Yongkang Xieheng Industry & Commerce Co.,Ltd. is a company specializing in manufacturing auto maintenance equipment and small construction machines. Covering 7,0000 square meters, with assets of over 200 million.

    鈽匫ur Factory
    We provide a range of high quality products for professional, rental and DIY users, includes: parts washer, sand blaster, oil drainer, concrete mixer, etc.
    We hold a strong position for growth and operate with a focused new product development program. Designing right products for right market, we have a dedicated export team focusing their efforts on the international market, listening to our customers' voice and meeting their demand. We keep enhancing good reputation for honest and reliable business conduct among our worldwide customers.

    鈽匫ur Product
    Sandblaster, parts washer, cement mixer

    鈽匬roduct Application
    Construction equipment, garage equipment, automotive repair & service,
    鈽匫ur Certificate
    CE, UL, ETL , BSCI
    鈽匬roduction Equipment
    Welding machine, press machine, CNC cutter, painting line
    鈽匬roduction Market
    USA, European, South Amrica

    We give our customers very preferable policies: OEM orders and customers' design are welcomed, no minimum order limit, up to 1 year quality warranty and very competitive prices. The monthly output of each product is more than 5000.
    We have established strict quality control system and our tenacious efforts can assure you high quality and firstclass products. We are looking forward to even greater cooperation with overseas customers on the principle mutual benefits. We warmly welcome you to visit our factory for business. Cement Mixer factory

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