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    Những bạn nào quan tâm và muốn tham dự khoá đào tạo tại Trung Tâm Phát Triển Doanh Nhân Ấn Độ có thể đăng ký nộp đơn tham gia khoá học "BUSINESS RESEARCH METHODS & DATA ANALYSIS"

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    Greetings from the EDI, Ahmedabad, India!

    We are delighted to announce the 4th International Training Programme on “Business Research Methods & Data Analysis”, scheduled during 22nd August 2011 to 14th October 2011 (Eight Weeks). This training programme is being organized by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII), a premier training and academic Institute with international presence. Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation (ITEC), Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India is the nodal department for fellowship supports and facilitating enrollment process for this training programme. The participants from 156 countries as listed by ITEC http://itec.nic.in/iteccountry.htm , under SCAAP/ITEC are not required to bear any training cost including boarding, lodging & traveling expenses and there is a provision of support for out of pocket expense. However, applicants from countries other than the ones listed by ITEC can join the training programme by bearing the training cost (including boarding & lodging expenses) of $3350/-.

    Candidates interested in joining this training programme may please visit the page http://www.ediindia.org/InterCore6_3.asp for details on course content and application procedure. The application form can be downloaded from http://itec.mea.gov.in/Application form ITEC-SCAAP.pdf. or http://www.ediindia.org/doc/ITEC_2010-11_APPLICATION FORM.pdf For further enquiries, the applicants from countries enlisted under ITEC/SCAAP may visit the nearest Indian Embassy or Mission located in their respective countries. Candidates, who are interested to join directly on payment basis ($3350/-) may contact Programme Director, Mr. Jignasu Yagnik (yagnik@ediindia.org) or Ms. Lalitha Krishnan, the Manager-Planning (lalitha@ediindia.org).

    Till now 100 participants from 68 countries have availed this sponsorship and successfully completed this programme. The last date of submission of application form at Indian Mission located in respective country of the applicant is 22nd June, 2011. For any clarification, please send email to- yagnik@ediindia.org or lalitha@ediindia.org

    Thanking you.

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