Kinh nghiệm: Coffee And Homestay Pet In Quy Nhon – Unique And Novelty

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    Coffee and homestay is a model that is loved by many young people when traveling. Your priority is not just a quiet and comfortable space. It also has to be a special place with a youthful view for unique selfies. Ventosa Coffee attracts visitors not only by the space here. Ventosa is also a famous dog cafe in Quy Nhon. Where young animal lovers visit often.


    Coffee and homestay puppy Ventosa – The place of young people who love animals

    A place for dog lovers to meet, interact and learn about famous dogs …


    Not only dogs, Coffee and homestay Ventosa also attracts guests by its impressive, comfortable and polite design space.


    Homestay Ventosa – Comfortable mini Homestay in Quy Nhon


    Modern cozy space is what you can feel when deciding to stay here. Moreover, with downtown location and near the sea. You can easily visit Quy Nhon city center or go down with friends to go for a walk along the beach.


    Contact Us:
    You need to book a homestay or coffee shop.


    16 Pham Ngoc Thach – P. Tran Phu – Quy Nhon City

    PHONE: 02566520909

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