Kinh nghiệm: Compare Vietnam Agarwood With Other Countries In Southeast Asia

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    Many people say that Vietnamese agarwood is the most expensive and rare in the world. That’s right! The value of Vietnamese agarwood comes not only from quality but also as a medicine.

    Let’s compare Vietnam’s frankincense with other frankincense in the world - LienThe Agarwood

    Vietnam Agarwood – Why is Vietnamese frankincense expensive? Read more

    Price of Vietnam Agarwood
    In Vietnam, Frankincense is present throughout the country. Depending on the region, the value and quality of frankincense bring different. Frankincense Khanh Hoa is the most expensive. Then came the frankincense Quan Nam and Quan Binh

    Price of Laos Agarwood
    Agarwood bracelets from Laos are also very valuable after Vietnam. Laos is also a country characterized by a tropical nation. Laos is a country with a lot of forests and many kinds of valuable wood. Therefore, frankincense created in Laos is almost the same as in Vietnam. Products originating in Laos are warmly sought by bass players because of the strange sweet scent, softness and unique texture.

    Price of Indonesia
    Indonesia is the country with the most diverse types of frankincense. Frankincense in Malinau has the sweetest taste, followed by Tarakan, Kalimantan, Aceh … The worst taste is in Ambum.

    Indonesia Agarwood is grown around the islands and is influenced by the sea climate. However, it is because that makes agarwood in Indonesia do not have the attractive aroma as in Vietnam and Laos. Even many places have a very unpleasant fishy smell.

    The place provides quality Agarwood

    More than 30 years of experience, Lien The company specializes in manufacturing and supplying high quality Agarwood: essential oils, incense, Buddha statues, fine art ornamental plants for domestic and foreign consumers (Malaysia, South Korea , Dubai …). We specialize in supplying Vietnam agarwood, Laos, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    LienThe Agarwood brings a lot of benefits to consumers’ health with criterion 03 no: “no toxic, no chemicals, no flavorings”.

    Contact us
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    Phone: 093 8910 427 – 093 739 3923
    Facebook: Trầm Hương Liên Thế

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