Toàn quốc: Flowers Garden In Mekong Delta

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    Flowers Garden in Mekong Delta. Enjoy the alluvial flavor of the Tien and Hau rivers, the land of the rich West with the largest fruit stalls in the country and the village of blooming flowers. Visit beautiful flower villages ecstatic in the West. Above all, from the end of the year, the famous flower gardens in the West such as Tan Quy Dong and Cai Mon… Welcome to the flow of people every day. That is to say, Warm weather, warm spring sunshine is the most appropriate time to visit the flower garden. In conclusion, not only flowers, but Cai Mon is also the largest fruit trees in the Mekong Delta. Most importantly, with many kinds of sweet fruits: rambutan, mango, orange, mangosteen, durian, green skin grapefruit …

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