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    The thesis can be carried out either individually or in pairs, but not in groups. Pair work must be justified, for example, by the scope of the topic or by the fact that two pairs of hands are needed for the practical implementation. The authors' contributions to the work or text must be specified, for example in the introduction. However, the text must be consistent in style and language.
    The thesis may be functional, research-based or in the form of a portfolio. Different types of thesis have different methods and processes and are assessed with slightly different emphasis. At the beginning of the thesis process, it is useful to familiarise yourself with the thesis evaluation criteria so that you can set your objectives and plan your activities accordingly from the outset. Usually the publications in the are prepared in accordance with all the rules.
    The evaluation objectives and criteria are listed in a table which can be found, for example, on ON-Moodle.

    In a functional thesis, which can also be called an exploratory development project,
    is a process, output or project that develops working life. A report is also written on the implementation: the thesis is therefore a two-part thesis. According to Vilka and Airaksinen (2004, 9), a functional thesis 'aims to instruct, guide, organise or rationalise practical activities in the professional field'. Through functional thesis, the student is able to demonstrate the ability to apply theoretical knowledge in practice.

    A functional thesis thus consists, in a basic sense, of a product, which can be for example, a guide, a website, a manual, training material, a plan or even a project and a report on the work process. The report describes the stages through which.

    The report should give the reader a good picture of the thesis as a whole. If the student undertakes an operational thesis to evaluate or develop the activities of a police service or institution, (verbal) permission must be sought from the service or institution concerned. Guides on national police information systems or use of force must be always submitted to the Police Board for review and approval before publication to the owner of the system or process concerned.
    Although an operational thesis, as its name suggests, focuses on making and developing, it must include a literature section that explains the framework of the topic, demonstrates the author's familiarity with the subject area studied, and is reported in written form. Data may also be collected, for example through interviews. The report should be between 30 and 40 pages in length. The report can be found at length will vary depending on the subject of the work, the amount of theoretical or background information required, the methods used
    and the number of appendix pages. Before writing an essay in English, read - We have tried to make it as useful and practical as possible. And if I had to take a break from studying English - definitely.

    A research thesis may focus on identifying a problem or problem area, or it may explore or assess the current state of a phenomenon. As a result of research may result in suggestions for solving problems or improving things. It can also be a summary or synthesis of existing research on a topic, i.e. a literature review, or a documentary analysis of a range of related material. For a research-based.

    The indicative length of a research thesis is 30-50 pages and the maximum length is around 60 pages. In an exploratory thesis always uses written sources and research material can be collected for example by questionnaires or interviews. The research material may also consist of existing material, so the thesis writer does not always have to collect it himself. The data are analysed using one of the research analysis methods. The analysis of the data is discussed in chapter 5.6.3.
    Law theses and history theses are research theses in their own right.

    Traditionally, they have not used empirical methods, but the disciplines' own methods, which include the student must acquire his/her own methodological skills. In the field of legal research
    methodological literature, which should be used when carrying out such work. These are listed, for example, in the learning diary guide for the RDI course.

    The portfolio type of thesis will be compiled throughout the studies. The portfolio is a selection and collection of material related to a specific and carefully defined topic. The author may also make use of material from outside the course and previous work. The portfolio will also include
    a knowledge base to tie together the material collected in the portfolio, and a concluding conclusion and reflection section. The reflection part of the text is the self-assessment, which consists of an analysis of the results achieved and an examination of personal professional competence in relation to the objectives set. The portfolio thesis will be assessed according to the same criteria as other theses.

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