How Long Can You Survive Drift In The Ocean?

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    In the previous video, we worked together to find out what would happen if you drifted on the ocean. If you haven't already seen, click somewhere on the screen or click the video link in the description box! In today's video, let's take a look, if you drift in the ocean, how long can you survive? There are many variables that determine how long you can survive adrift at sea. Aside from the basic scenarios, there are myriad other factors to consider, i¬ncluding your physical condition, supplies you might have on hand and good old-fashioned will to live. Posing a theory on how long someone could live is very much dependent on the specifics of the situation. We can talk in generalities though and break it down into the following basic scenarios: Adrift on a disabled boat On a life raft In the drink Boat: If you have a stash of food, some fishing equipment and some fresh water, you can survive for a long time on a boat. People have been known to survive for months adrift at sea in a boat that's still sound. If it's cold, you have overhead cover that will help keep you dry and blankets to keep you warm at night. This means you should be able to stave off any cold weather illness, like hypothermia. If it's hot out, you can use the same coverage for shade and avoid heat stroke and sunburn. If you don't have much fresh water, you can fashion a rainwater collection system with a tarp or raincoat that runs into a bucket. Or just place buckets out during rainy weather. Drink at least a liter of water a day, fish a little and you can live for a long time adrift at sea. Of course, storms can always capsize or sink your boat anytime.

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