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    instant keto knees and step our feet back so you find a plank position or a high push-up pose over your mat I like to rock a little from the right side to the left side just to make sure I'm not being tense in my shoulders but I'm being relaxed in my body and engaged so by rocking to the left and to the right side you are inviting your side body these obliques and the sides of your ribs as well as full circumference of both legs to engage and support you so from all directions you are drawing in to the power that's going to sustain your ability to lose the weight you want to lose trim this belly fat kiss it goodbye and watch it just fly away from plank pose feeling the belly at all directions feeling that support let's come down onto your hands and your knees so your hands are just under your shoulders your knees are just under your hips you're going to extend your right foot straight back behind you sending your chest straig

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