Missord 2023 Valentine Plus Size Formal Dress Deal Coming

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    When it comes to color options for eveningwear, black or navy are often sequin evening dresses the go-to shades, but trends these days suggest rose gold, copper tones and pinks make an impact. While pink has long been a fashion staple, the color is making a full comeback in millennial shades like blush, rose, orange and auburn.

    Nostalgia is driving this new trend, and it turns out that pink is now considered a neutral color along with nude, white, or ivory.

    Pink cocktail dresses are perfect for casual to semi-formal events. Decorative elements on the skirt add a touch of glamour. A timeless pink cocktail dress is perfect for a mother of the bride or anniversary party.
    Glittering beads trail in a decadent rose-gold hue on the dress, which will make you look radiant at your next event. Choose jewelry with intricate beads adorned in eye-catching patterns. Short sleeve dresses are an elegant cocktail dress choice for mothers of the bride, bridesmaids, and are perfect for special events and formal evenings.
    Make a statement wherever you go in this hand-beaded gown. The hand-beaded design is accented with sparkly beads that are eye-catching and will catch the eye. Choose from rose gold hand-beaded gowns or hand-beaded gowns with trendy side slits for a stunning look. Beaded gowns are perfect for the mother of the bride or mother of the groom, special events, weddings, or members of the bridal party.
    Add a new color to your event wardrobe and bring joy to whatever celebration you choose.

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