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    Summer is in full swing and those summer events are just around the corner sequin formal dresses . For a summer wedding, the mother of the bride and mother of the groom will want to wear styles that are suitable for the hot weather. Cocktail dress lengths are perfect for your child's warm-weather wedding, and beaded cocktail dresses combine cropped length with sparkly embellishments to make you look and feel like a star on your big day.

    Cocktail dresses are designed for garden weddings and outdoor receptions. A cocktail dress is a contemporary knee-length dress that is perfect for daytime events. Choose from a traditional navy blue cocktail dress, or go for a lime green or sky blue gown for a special sparkle on your child's big day. If you prefer to cover your arms a little, you can always opt for a long-sleeved knee-length cocktail dress, or you can choose to layer a crop top or jacket over a short-sleeved cocktail dress.
    Beaded dresses are the perfect choice for a mother of the bride or mother of the groom look. Cocktail beaded styles are a flattering choice for summer weddings. During these warmer months and Easter, lighter shades like mink and sage green will make your wedding look bright and festive. Long sleeves are perfect for those who want to cover their arms. Extremely elegant and sophisticated, beaded cocktail dresses are perfect for your child's big day. Complete the look by pairing your cocktail dress with some earrings or a headband.
    This is for the most stylish mother of the bride. Sparkle and sparkle are the perfect combination for your child's wedding day. For your upcoming summer wedding, be proud of your bridal party in shades of blue. Navy blue is a traditional choice for a bridal look, while sky blue is the perfect modern twist on a bridal look. Cocktail length will provide the perfect knee-length fit, and you can opt for shorter sleeves for less coverage during the midsummer weeks. If you want to cover your arms a bit, choose a matching crop top or jacket to complete your outfit.

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