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    Author: Chang Dong
    Genre: Modern, fateful cooperation, Miss Thinh Gia - a beautiful and charming female doctor x general talent Luc Thi - entertainment tycoon, monopolistic personality, suffering from schizophrenia, # CLEAN, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY, HEALTHY.
    Length: 46 chapters (with pass)
    Status: Finished editing.
    There was once a little story about a white cat and a lion with white fur.
    The story goes like this, the white cat is supreme magus a noble cat, she has an admirable background, and is always confident, arrogant and beautiful. However, the white cat is very polite, treats everyone very peacefully, except for a small cat that she hates very much.
    Once, the white cat girl saw that the other kitten was interested in hanging around a beautiful white-furred lion that seemed to love it. So the white cat girl deliberately told everyone that her other lion, she teased the lion, teased the lion.
    The white cat thought that the lion was very gentle, because it just lay still and looked at her, so she did whatever she wanted, completely ignoring the possible consequences. And when the other lion stood up, opened its big mouth to reveal sharp fangs, did the white cat suddenly realize that she was the object of being "eaten up".
    For a moment, the white cat seemed to see that the pure white fur was half black, the black hidden just below the white.

    The story of the white cat and the lion is like a visualization of the relationship between the lady Thinh Gia - Thinh Hoan and the entertainment tycoon - Luc Can Ngon.
    Thinh Hoan was born in a family with a voice in society, her parents love each other, she also loves her family very much. However, that happy family was turned upside down by an outsider.
    The adopted child was adopted by her parents so that she could "have a sister and a brother", not feeling lonely, but dared to say rebellious words when her mother was seriously ill, making her unable to survive.
    Since then, Thinh Hoan deeply hates her "adopted sister", who is also Thoi Dao. For Thinh Hoan, breathing the same atmosphere as Thoi Dao also made her disgusted. Therefore, the things Shi Yao likes makes her want to destroy even more.
    The Dao period liked Luc Can Ngon, that's how Thinh Hoan knew Luc Can Ngon, also the beginning of the fateful part between her and Luc Can Ngon.
    Thinh Hoan hates Thoi Dao, so she absolutely does not allow Thinh Hoan to have the opportunity to move forward with Luc Can Ngon, not to let her be happy. After seeing that Shi Yao confessed to Luc Can Ngon, Thinh Hoan went to tease Luc Can Ngon. Even ended up getting engaged to him.

    Thinh Hoan originally did not like this guy with the last name Luc, she simply harbored hostility towards Thoi Dao to approach Luc Can Ngon. But perhaps she didn't know, thanks to that, each of her actions carried both arrogance and charm, so much so that when she went abroad to study abroad, she couldn't believe that she had accidentally stolen the fruit. Luc Can Ngon's heart brought.
    Thinh Hoan thought that from now on, she and Luc Can Ngon would no longer be involved, but unexpectedly, after a few years in America, the first thing she did when she returned was to go to Luc Can Ngon's house.
    Although Thinh Hoan always teases Luc Can Ngon, she feels that he has no interest in her at all. His personality is cold and indifferent, always treating her provocative actions as air. His actions really made people look at him, thinking that he didn't put the Thinh family in the eye at all.
    Of course, "thinking" is still just "thinking". Only in Luc Can Ngon's heart knows how many days and long nights he has missed for her.
    Originally, Luc Can Ngon had known Thinh Hoan for not long, but she was ready to go abroad to study. If he had feelings for her, how deep would it be?
    But who knows?
    Does love follow common sense?
    Drinking the wrong eye, the drunkenness for a lifetime, Luc Can Ngon is like that. The short time he met her that day also made his heart devoted to her.
    She went to study abroad, he stayed in the country. Two people from both sides of the world, the one-sided love and nostalgia that tormented Luc Can Ngon's heart all night long, making him confused, making him confused, until the day he was no longer him, until affection and possessive madness become explosive, forming a different personality.
    Because of her, he became a person with schizoid personality disorder.

    On the first day when he met Luc Can Ngon again in his house, Thinh Hoan played the same old trick again, provoking him. Standing in front of Thinh Hoan's tricks, Luc Can Ngon was completely unconcerned, still as cold as before.
    Sheng Hoan thinks the beginning after the end that her relationship with Luc Can Ngon will continue to be like the first day of acquaintance, where the two have no feelings for each other. It's just that, Thinh Hoan discovered, this time Luc Can Ngon was very different.
    A cold and distant Luc Can Ngon suddenly became a stranger, he gently took care of her when her eldest aunt visited, sometimes overbearing.

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