Technology And The School Library

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    Technology and the School Library
    A Comprehensive Guide for Media Specialists and Other Educators
    By: Odin L. Jurkowski
    Scarecrow Press
    Print ISBN: 9780810874480, 0810874482
    eText ISBN: 9780810874497, 0810874490
    Format: PDF
    Available from $ 38.70 USD
    SKU 9780810874497R120
    For school librarians, technology has become an essential component of their work. To meet the growing need in this area, Odin Jurkowski wrote Technology and the School Library in 2006. To address the rapidly and continually changing advancements in technology, however, a more current text is needed. In this revised edition, Jurkowski provides an overview of the types of technologies used in school libraries, from traditional low-tech options to the latest developments, describing how the school librarian interacts with and works with the technology. Updated throughout, this edition addresses the continuously changing nature of technology, including a new chapter covering web 2.0 tools and their use in education. Major topics covered in this volume include information resources in the school library, the different varieties of educational software available, resources available via the web, and the importance of creating a school library web site. This book also addresses tools that can be used in classrooms and technology administration: everything from automation and filters to security on student computers and security systems in general.

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