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    Like many others, I got more and more disappointed at the latest WOW expansions so when I learned the news about TBC Classic WoW, I was expecting it so excitedly until I was in...

    Like it in WOW, gold-selling sites spam in the public channels almost every moment, and hardly can normal players communicate there. At a time I hated it so much and Blizzard realized it too and took some measures so that the bots were not able to speak in-game. But since people still had needs buying wow gold, those gold selling sites would try every means to promote themselves. So here came my best memories--legions of lv1 characters gathering at the main city and lined themselves up to form the name of their site. That was marvelous though and is my best memory so far.

    In wow classic burning crusade, as I have the experience, I tend to buy myself some cheap wow TBC gold so that I can save more time to enjoy the gameplay. There is no such interesting thing that happened maybe because most of the sellers choose other promoting ways. I appreciate those sites not spamming in-game such as I found this site on google and then I did a little research on them and the result is, it is reliable and cheaper than others. And my purchasing experience tells me they deliver relatively quickly too. I can always receive my gold in several hours. I think it's fine for me.

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