Thermal Cracking Of Massive Concrete Structures

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    Thermal Cracking of Massive Concrete Structures
    State of the Art Report of the RILEM Technical Committee 254-CMS
    By: Eduardo M.R. Fairbairn
    Print ISBN: 9783319766164, 3319766163
    eText ISBN: 9783319766171, 3319766171
    Copyright year: 2019
    Format: EPUB
    Available from $ 169.00 USD
    SKU 9783319766171
    This book provides a State of the Art Report (STAR) produced by RILEM Technical Committee 254-CMS ‘Thermal Cracking of Mas-sive Concrete Structures’. Several recent developments related to the old problem of understanding/predicting stresses originated from the evolution of the hydration of concrete are at the origin of the creation this technical committee. Having identified a lack in the organization of up-to-date scientific and technological knowledge about cracking induced by hydration heat effects, this STAR aims to provide both practitioners and scientists with a deep integrated overview of consolidated knowledge, together with recent developments on this subject.

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