Kinh nghiệm: Vietnam Agarwood - Why Is Vietnamese Frankincense Expensive?

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    Vietnam Agarwood is becoming increasingly rare. Therefore, it is not easy for those who have a passion for frankincense to have prestigious, top quality frankincense products. Let's find out about LienThe Agarwood through the article below.

    Why has Vietnamese agarwood become so rare?

    Frankincense is one of the products of Southeast Asia. Many years ago, frankincense was present in Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

    However, over the past 10 years, Agarwood has become increasingly rare and in danger of becoming extinct.

    The cause was determined to be due to excessive exploitation by loggers. Moreover, due to the increasing demand, the source of agarwood in the nature is not enough to supply the market. At present, the source of natural frankincense is very rare, most only artificial or artificial frankincense remains.

    Where to buy prestigious Vietnam Agarwood?
    Vietnam is one of the few countries that still retain the source of quality natural frankincense. However, to buy high quality sources of frankincense. You need to find reputable long-standing aquilaria production facilities in the market.

    On that basis, LienThe Agarwood is proud to be a unit with credibility for more than 30 years specializing in providing high-class natural frankincense, products made from frankincense such as incense incense, frankincense bracelets, agarwood Buddha statue. incense….

    You can see here for more information about Vietnam agarwood shops

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