Kinh nghiệm: What Is A Quality Management System? The Key To Iso 9000

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    What do Three Mile Island, the Hubble Telescope, and the Ford Pinto have in common?

    They all had fatal flaws caused by their substandard quality management systems.

    While most failures that could be solved with a thorough QMS don’t result in a combined $3.9 billion in damages and 180 deaths, it’s impossible to argue that such a system couldn’t also bring massive benefits to your own business.

    To name but a few, these effects include:

    • ISO là gì compliant
    • Being more productive
    • Becoming more efficient
    • Reducing employee turnover
    • Systems for measuring and tracking successes and failures
    • Better customer loyalty
    • Not causing a nuclear meltdown
    Sadly, quality management system explanations tend to come with a lot of jargon and dry text. That’s why we here at Process Street bring you this guide on how to create and implement one.

    A working example for those experienced
    In this post, I’m going to explain what a chứng nhận ISO 9001, how it functions, and how you can deploy it. However, you might already know all that – and you’re just looking for the fine detail or a working example.

    What is a quality management system?
    A quality management system is exactly what it sounds like; a system which lets you define what “quality” means to your business, unite it under that description, design processes to help achieve that goal, and continuously improve your business.

    It’s a way to make sure that your company is performing well and serving your customers’ needs in a formally documented (and measurable) system.

    It’s also a core aspect to making sure that your organization is tư vấn iso 9001 compliant.

    While a QMS alone won’t provide you with the certification, the idea of ISO is to be able to prove that your company meets certain standards of performance. If you’re running your operations well and are able to prove as such (by meeting their requirements), then the certification can even be used as a selling point for your business.

    The specifics will be unique for each business (as it’s all about documenting and improving your business), but the vast majority of quality management systems contains the following structure:

    • Plan
    • Do
    • Check
    • Act
    Again, descriptions of these steps often come with a lot of useless jargon, so let’s break them down more succinctly.

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