Toàn quốc: Why Should Parents Take Care Of Children Mental Health And Social Well-being?

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    Mental health and social well-being are important factors for the holistic development of children, as well as the foundation for a happy life. Mental and emotional problems encountered at a young age will affect their studies, work, and social relationships until later. Please refer to the following principles to take care of your child's mental health:

    1. Build positive relationships
    The closest relationships with children will directly affect their mental health. Therefore, the love and positive spirit from parents, as well as caregivers, is the key to taking care of your child's spirit:

    - Show your love so that your child feels secure and loved.

    - Educate children by positive methods.

    - Learn how to resolve conflicts in the family without violence.

    - Encourage your child to create relationships with those around them.


    A positive educational environment will support mental health care for children

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    2. Life skills education
    Core skills such as managing emotions and behaviors will provide long-term benefits to your child both in school and later in life.

    - Teach your child to recognize and name their emotions. They need to understand that these are normal human emotions.

    - Parents must be positive role models by managing their emotions well.

    - Support when your child has mental problems.

    - There are positive disciplinary methods for hyperactive, stubborn, angry children, etc.

    - Praise your child when they work hard and make progress.

    - Encourage your child to think and come up with solutions before they need support.

    - Help your child understand that it doesn't matter to make mistakes and encourage them to take risks in the learning and discovery process.


    Teach children life skills from an early age

    3. Minimize stress factors
    The mental health of parents, relatives, and caregivers should also be a priority because these are the closest relationships with children. Therefore, children's happiness is also associated with those around them.

    For education, a successful international school is not only reflected in academic achievement but also in the fact that students understand their own values and be appreciated for their morals, emotions, creativity, and academic results.

    Developing social and emotional competence includes enhancing self-esteem, empathy, and mutual respect. It supports the goal of preparing capable students for later life. Learning activities in teamwork, listening, social skills, and negotiation help children find their own voice and become more confident.

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