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    Dxn code strike skincare routine my evening skincare routine but my favorite time to use it is after a workout because I to rinse my foreo by the luna 3 is not only a cleanser but if you actually turn it over to this smoother it really does if you don't like ham you could have the little chicken sausages they're really low in fat and they're really really nice as well you could have no me and you could have avocado or some spinach like the fish so I thought for the next two meals just replace them for something like chicken you can get those turkey steaks or you could even have a steak anything like that pretty much all lean meats are really really good so if you just swap them for something that you like then yeah I promise in my next ye today I'll switch up a little bit and have like something other than fish but it's just what I eat all the time so I'm not gonna lie and pretend that I don't eat it so lunch time by for lunch I'm obviously gonna be cooking

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