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    Author: Ma An
    Genre: Modern, pompous, showbiz, handsome general manager with a lot of money before his cold and indifferent personality after chasing his wife who wants to take his pants off - the nagging girl who lives in a lipstick cage after shaking herself into the number 1 female streamer , #CLEAN_SWEET, and the male lead's face is crazy, funny, gentle, HE
    Length: 87 chapters
    Status: Finished editing.
    Gu Ran has known Ji Shiyu for a long time, and has admired him for a long time. But they are not a young couple in the garden, nor are they young. Because, although they go to the same school, they are not in the same society, not on the same level: her father is the private driver of the Quy family. And she had the opportunity to attend his aristocratic school, which was also arranged by the Quy family.
    Therefore, although Co Ran was always obedient and always worked hard to study, her friends were still isolated, still calling her the child of overgeared the driver of the Quy family. The first white lotus flower in humiliating her is Qin Van Y, the first love of Quy Thoi Duc.
    Qin Van Y died suddenly in a helicopter accident but remained forever among their friends, like Ji Shiyu's dead first love, like the top-notch original of the protected canary Gu Ran - who has been with you for three years now.
    Nothing. Why should birds be able to fly? Living in the heart of a gold-plated lipstick, being pampered and pampered, what's not good? What did the copy do? The original is dead anyway. And the dead cannot return to take back what was hers.
    Therefore, Co Ran is satisfied with the current life of the lipstick cage, because the owner of that cage is Quy Shiyu. He was the one she truly loved; the one she used to hide in a corner many times watching him play; who during the years of the school garden, even though she did not know who she was, often came out to protect; and the one who held her in his arms when her father died.
    But to think, when she was happily watching the wedding house, trying on the wedding dress, Tan Van Y returned...
    Gu Ran rushed into Ji Shiyu's company and asked if he could get married soon? Can I ask you when to register your marriage?
    That's right, just get married, he will belong to her. What about when Qin Van Y comes back? Also too late...
    It's just, she didn't expect, that Ji Shiyu's answer was: "Contagion, I never proposed to you."
    Indeed, even though marriage is a story of two people, it is only in the story of three brothers and her. As for him, from beginning to end, he was still smiling without any confirmation.
    Turns out, everything was just her compulsion. Turns out, he never loved her. Turns out, she was really just a substitute. Her heart broke. The moment she stood in his office, listening to him say that she had never agreed to get married, she knew everything should stop.
    She left, taking nothing from the lipstick cage he had given her.
    In the Duc period, everything is over.
    But he still thinks that his lame girl, who has never really coped with life, when he cuts off all the cards, will come back soon.
    I don't want to get married yet, it's true that I'm bothered by being forced to kiss her, but his feelings for her aren't fake, it's just that he doesn't know how much it is. He was already used to a docile Contagion, a Conjurer that possessed him, coddled with him and spent his money. And Ran Ran madly forced her to kiss, showing all over her head that she was about to get married, Tears were pouring down her face, screaming in his office, still a stranger.
    But the moment she said, "We're done," and dashed out of his office, he knew he was wrong. It's just, his people are cute and cuddly, but it's not as easy as he thought.
    The career path of General Director Quy Thoi Duc officially began, as difficult and long as the process of Co Ran from a useless canary who only knows how to enjoy, becoming the No. 1 Streamer in the world. Cat Claw.
    Saying goodbye to limited edition handbags, luxurious meals and luxurious hotel rooms that were both beautiful and fragrant, Gu Ran had all her cards cut off and left with two empty tables. She temporarily rented a room in the hotel for 100 yuan/night, and also got a 20% discount for long-term stay, plus a bottle of cockroach killer.
    It was also in this damp room that cockroaches ran like no people, that Gu Ran realized that in this world, there was a job called Streamer, just needed a little beauty, a little bit of sweet cud
    It is possible to earn money very easily.
    Well, this world is for Infection. Infection does, let Infection up.
    But life is not like a dream. Because Infection is so beautiful, she is afraid of being caught by acquaintances, so in addition to her true beauty, Infection has also added eighteen more filter layers to ... less ugly. Even the shabby curtains in Infection's room were bent.
    Acquaintances really don't recognize it. But, with a debut that pulled the curtains like that, what does Infection take supreme magus to make the online community believe that Infection is female, and that Infection is also... a bit beautiful.
    So, the live stream page of Nhan Dai Bao's house. However, people come to watch "The No. 1 Cat Claw Beauty" flip the car, and no one donates to scan gifts for Infection.
    After so much bitterness, in the end, Infection could gradually let go

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