Nơi khác: The Key Benefits Of Passive Fire Protection For Steel Structures Should Not Be Ignored

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    Passive fire protection - Fireproof paint for steel structures seems to be new material in the current explosion prevention system. Because almost all constructions made from steel apply this special paint. So, what are the benefits of paint that are so widely used and popular?

    Passive fire protection - Fireproof paint for steel structures and special properties to protect the life and durability of all works

    The reason why fireproofing paint for steel structure (sơn chống cháy cho kết cấu thép) has become popular today (Passive fire protection), especially in the fire prevention system of buildings with steel structure is because the method brings many benefits in protecting people and the environment. asset. The most typical are the characteristics listed below.


    The vermilion coating increases the life of the steel structure and the load capacity is also increased because the material will be protected, limiting direct exposure to daily temperature variations of the weather element. and other agents.

    In addition, fireproofing paint can be used on many different materials, such as wood, steel or other building materials. Using paint in passive fire protection systems is not only effective in protecting people and buildings but also has aesthetic significance for the works. The process of construction, installation, as well as finishing, will not take much time and effort compared to other solutions. Spraying fireproof paint can take place in parallel with production activities, without interrupting the working process at buildings, factories, or civil houses.

    Fireproofing paint for steel structures is also combined with a few other passive fire protection solutions such as installing a fire alarm when smoke occurs, and an automatic sprinkler system when a fire occurs. The more well-prepared fire protection solutions are, the more damage caused by fires will be minimized.

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